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Further informations

The Player is visualizing the files and allows to make long sound files cheaper.

Click on the play button and view the sound immediately. By mouse click you're able to listen any position of the sound. Sound files that are longer than 1 min can be shortened to a minimum length of 60 seconds. Of course only the selected part will be charged. Activate and reset the edit mode by clicking the rectangular buttons. Click to select exactly 60 seconds, click and drag to choose the desired length. ( this is possible only for files that are longer than 60 seconds ). Click Accept the selection then Please Choose a download format, Add to Cart - now you see the final price, or the runtime that will be subtracted if you have created a prepaid account. 

Do I have to be registered to listen to Sounds?

Any visitor of our web site can listen to the sounds. Register for free and be able to save the sounds you like in individually createt wish lists (leaflets).

All sounds I am listening have some strange blips in it?

We offer high-quality preview-listening of our sounds. To prevent SFX Piracy we use these beeps.

What´s the difference between mp3-high, wav normal and wav premium?

According to his own decision each registered client can choose between 3 file formats.

mp3 320Kbit/s
very good sound quality, fast download, (editing before you buy is not possible).
wav-normal 44.1 KHz/16bit - CD-Quality
very good sound quality, editing before you buy is possible.
In Soundminer: BWDescription shows description
Wav-premium 48KHz/24bit
very good sound quality, editing before you buy is possible.
Full Soundminer metadata embedded. (to preserve Soundminer Metadata the whole file should be downloaded)


How can I register as a new user at YourSounds?

Please register If you want to buy a sound from our website. Also if you just want to browse our web site with advantages for registered users e.g. the use of personal wish lists (leaflets), view our latest  additions and more. You can register for free, using the online form where you can fill the asked information.

My prepaid account is about to run out but there are still some seconds left.

When the time credit of your account is running low, you'll be able to refill it by buying a new prepaid account. The seconds left will be added to your new account.

My personal data have changed. How can I tell this to Yoursounds ?

You can change your personal data in My Account in the menu bar. In My Account Information you are able to change data like address, passwords and others. By clicking on View or change entries in my address book in My Account, you can change your postal address. You can enter at least five different addresses, of which you can choose one as the primary address (billing adress). 

I don´t want to have the Newsletter anymore. How can I unsubscribe ?

By clicking the Subscribe or Unsubscribe from Newsletters link in My Account you can change the status of your newsletter subscription.

I bought a sound with a runtime of about 40 seconds. I had to pay for at least one minute. Why?

For each download a minimal amount of 60 seconds will be charged even if a sound is shorter than 60 seconds. Longer sound files can be shortened. Exceeding 60 seconds a sound file will be charged by the second.

Can I buy a part of a sound?

Only if the sound is longer than 60 seconds. To learn more about our great player please scroll up again. 

How often can I download my sounds?

You have a 10 times download option. Click My Account then View All Downloads, will show the remaining downloads.

I forgot my password, how can I log in?

You will receive an e-mail with your new password, by click Forgot your password? Now you can Log In again. You are able to change the password again in My Account.

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