About YourSounds, the online sound library

Eckhard Kuchenbecker (sound mixer) and Günter Knon (managing director of Ambient Recording ) founded Yoursounds in 2008 and launched the web site in April 2009.

Eckhard Kuchenbecker is mixing sound on location since 20 years. Nanga Parbat, The White Massai, Before The Fall, Supertex, The Slit, The Young Poisoners Handbook, The German Chainsaw Massacre are only few of his 80 movie and TV works during this time.

..Listen!,..its snowing.. ..never trust a peak meter to decide if it sounds good or not.. ..the picture is the plot, the sound brings the emotion.. "These lines were affecting my career."

"The loss of my medium format camera with hundreds of pictured impressions, while a 100 days documentary through Asia, in 1991, was one reason to recognize the power of sound. By listening my stereo recordings made with a Sony TCD5 mc recorder and 2 Sennheiser 416, all emotional perceptions came back and let me feel the memories again."

This momentous experience and a Sound Blaster 16 audio interface built the key to start collecting soundscapes. Equipped with his Nagra D for production sound recording (one of the first machines delivered ) he skipped the DAT-recorder-era preserving the smooth analogue sound he has got used to by his Nagra III and IV recorders. Nowadays Sounddevices 744T harddrive recorders enable him to save his field recordings on digital media. Neumann KMR 81i, Schoeps MS-Stereo mics and the SPL Atmos 5.1 deliver the state-of-the-art signals to be captured since years. Please be patient until we'll be able to present some of these surround recordings to you.

The manufacturer of the “Sonospheres" CD Library, published by Sonoton Music GmbH, now is online with Yoursounds, a selection of his recordings through 20 years. Through the support of other german and european recordists Yoursounds is representing a growing library of unique, professionally recorded, royalty-free sounds to be used in all sections of audio and audiovisual media.

Enjoy browsing our sounds and if you like them, please come back to enjoy the merits of a registered user of Yoursounds.

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