Subscriptions and Prices



      You Save/ % € per min   Gross Price         Minimal Amount  
Single Sound Buy       4 €/min   ab 4 €         60 sec  
Prepaid Account 10min     -25% 
3 €/min   30 €         60 sec  
Prepaid Account 15min     -33% 2,66 €/min   40 €         60 sec  
Prepaid Account 30min     -37% 2,50 €/min   75 €         60 sec  
Prepaid Account   1h     -43% 2,25 €/min   135 €         60 sec  
Prepaid Account   3h     -56% 1,75 €/min   315 €         60 sec  


With one simple payment your personal prepaid account  will be created. Any remaining time left over after your purchase will be safely stored for your next visit. For each download a minimal amount of 60 seconds will be charged even if a sound is shorter than 60 seconds. We would like to remind you that sounds that exceed 1 minute will be charged by the second. Longer sounds can be shortened to your personal request.

We accept Creditcard  ( VISA or MasterCard ) .

During the check-out process you will be redirected to a secure site of Sparkassen-Online-Payment. Here you will be required to enter your credit card or banking information. This site will check your information immediately, and when correct, you will receive instant access to your purchased sounds. For further information, please refer to the Terms of Use

Your credit card information will be recorded at

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